Cold Steri Precooling

All shipments are precooled according to DAFF/PPECB guidelines to ensure that we meet the Sterilisation requirements of the destination countries. Fruit for these shipments are monitored via a computerised system throughout the entire process, backed up by staff on duty 24/7, giving you full traceability while under our watchful eye. The loading of each container destined for a Steri market, is supervised by a PPECB inspector.

We have dedicated staff facilitating these shipments making it as hassle free as possible.

Cold Storage

In close proximity to the Port of Cape Town, just off the N7, we have SAFT Atlantic and SAFT Killarney, ideally located as a consolidation facility to feed specialised reefer (conventional) shipping terminals, yet close enough to act as a containerisation facility. Fruit is sent to SAFT Atlantic and SAFT Killarney for this purpose from areas as far as the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.  

ColdHarvest offers its services in the beautiful Paarl region, making it possible for producers to deliver their fruit in small or large quantities to this facility virtually on their doorstep. ColdHarvest  also has a private railsiding and can receive or dispatch fruit by rail.

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Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage

Our ColdHarvest cold store offers 18 controlled atmosphere chambers with a total capacity of 15 662 bins. Quick loading and precise gassing to the correct atmosphere will ensure the optimum outcome. Constant monitoring is done via a computerised system, backed up by staff on duty 24/7.


We have facilities for PPECB and the DAFF, which is also used by various exporters for post harvest inspections. In addition to the normal inspections facilities, we have USDA approved inspection facilities at our ColdHarvest, SAFT Atlantic and SAFT Killarney cold stores, making this a one stop shop for USA containerisation..

At our ColdHarvest, SAFT Atlantic and SAFT Killarney cold stores we currently cater for special market inspections to destinations such as:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • India
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • USA

Integrated Cold Store Network

Should SAFT not have sufficient capacity at the main contracted cold store with a client, it is able to divert fruit to any of the other cold stores in the Group.

Integrated systems throughout our cold stores and sharing of management expertise links up to make us a strong partner in the cold store.

MAXtend CA

Perishable produce are exported to countries all over the world. Transit times to outlying destinations like the Far East or Canada, can easily exceed 30 days by sea. Produce has to arrive at the consumer still fresh with some days of shelf life left. Unfortunately, not all commodities can sustain such long transit times by sea and has to be sent by air. Since airfreight is much more expensive than sea freight, it reduces the cost competitiveness of certain low value produce.

MAXtend is a technologically advanced controlled atmosphere product used to control the composition of atmospheric conditions in sea freight containers. By controlling the atmosphere in refrigerated containers, it is possible for produce that previously had little chance of arriving in a good condition, due to extended transit times, to arrive in the same or better condition than when shipped by air.

The composition of the correct atmosphere is achieved by adjusting the Nitrogen (N2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels and is commodity specific. Although the optimum environment for the different commodities is predetermined through many years of research and industry experience, customers can specify their own atmosphere requirements.

MAXtend records and controls the atmosphere during the voyage according to preset settings. A printout of the atmosphere for quality control purposes is available after the journey.

MAXtend is unique in the sense that it can be fitted to any reefer container. The container undergoes a leak rate test to ensure it complies with the MAXtend criteria before it is released from a container depot for stuffing.

Distinct advantages of MAXtend are summarised as follows:

  • Slows ripening through slowing down the respiration and production of ethylene
  • Reduces decay in incidents and severity
  • Can be used on any reefer container
  • Short notice availability
  • Can be used anywhere in the world

SAFT is the sole distributer in South Africa of MAXtend on behalf of Mitsubishi Australia.


When allocating storage for client’s intakes, cooling times for ambient produce, the produce type, packaging and client protocols are all taken into consideration.

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