New Loading Bays for SAFT ColdHarvest

New Loading Docks for ColdHarvest

This new facility will add extra value to the cold chain integrity, productivity and more efficient loading.

The construction of the new loading bays and a holding area facility of 2000m² were completed in 2017. Prior to the new added loading docks and holding area, ColdHarvest in Paarl had a holding capacity of 5200 pallets. With this new addition, the capacity will increase by 400 pallets to a total of 5600 pallets.

Some of ColdHarvest shipments were previously loaded without any airlock loading docks. This has now changed so that 100% of all cargo can be loaded out through airlock loading docks that are constantly cooled. These three new loading docks will add to the total of the already existing three loading docks, bringing the total to six.

ColdHarvest has built into the design a unique state of the art cooling where cold air is directed into the container while loading. This will add further value to the cold chain integrity.

More pallets can now be pre-stage at any given time and also to the client specifications before loading. This in itself adds a huge benefit to ColdHarvest entire operations that are now running more smoothly.

We also acknowledge and would like to thank all that made this project possible.

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